Printing Presses Undergird Religious Revolution in India

by HCJB News

Vishal Mangalwadi, one of the best-known Christian writers in India, sees signs of a “religious revolution” in India—a revolution which has already begun. Driven by “a spirituality of hate” at the heart of the conflict between Pakistan and India, Muslims and Hindus are heading towards war, while a growing number of people are looking for a way out of the established Hindu caste system. Some 50 million ‘Forward Caste’ Maratas in Western India, for example, are considering starting a new religion. Some members of the lower “Backward and Forward castes” are starting to open to the gospel—with unpredictable consequences for India’s religious structure. “In my Northern Indian hometown Allahabad, 7,000 new believers meet in one church, he said. “Mega-churches in Northern India! Who would believe it? And 12 groups have planted 2,000 house churches in a state in the heart of the Hindu North, and hope to reach one million new churches in the next ten years.” “We should not forget the role of the written word in this coming revolution,” Mangalwadi continued. “Not many remember that the Protestant Reformation was mainly the work of writers, translators, printers, illustrators and preachers. In every important Reformation city in Europe, six or seven printing companies were busy around the clock, and religious literature dominated Europe for the following 350 years.” FridayFax via HCJB News
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