Double Support for a Double Need!

by Larry Malone

At times mission ministry supporters may wonder if what they are doing really makes a difference. They give and sacrifice for the Lord’s work, but perhaps doubt their part actually affects the big picture. This summer the AMG missions staff observed a situation where it was crystal clear that the ministry of AMG made a difference between life and death. The story begins in northern Thailand when a Karen tribesman’s wife gave birth to twins. Many in the Karen tribe practice a strong animist tradition that because twins are a sign of bad luck they should be killed at birth. Because this poor family didn’t have the resources to care for even one additional child, much less two, the temptation to follow the tradition was very strong. Then the wife died shortly after the twins’ birth. The father found himself caring for twin infants, as well as their older sisters. His hopelessness must have been incredible! But past mission work in this man’s remote village in northern Thailand had influenced tribal members, including this desperate father, for Christ. Although he was greatly tempted to bury one or both of the twins with their mother, he just couldn’t do it. But financially his situation was desperate. Then he learned about AMG’s Museekee Child Care Center. The center is well known in the region for providing loving care to little boys and girls in Jesus’ name through its partnership with Christian sponsors in America. When he went seeking help, however, another problem surfaced: The center does not normally take infants. However, the center director’s heart was touched by the urgency of the twins’ need, just as yours doubtless would have been, and she took the children in! The older girls in the center immediately took on the role of big sister and began caring for the twins—and they were loved and well cared for. Soon the father, who missed his little ones, became the caretaker at the center and this family was reunited. While you may think this story couldn’t possibly get any better, it does! One of our workers at AMG’s International headquarters offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Rhonda Hellard, and her twin sister Donna, decided to provide the $22 needed each month to care for each twin. That means AMG can provide food, clothing, education, and tender Christian care for these little ones every month, as well as teaching them about Jesus—twins taking care of twins! Happy ending? Well, at least a happy beginning. But now another set of twins has been brought to the center, and they need support as well—as do hundreds of other children needing someone to sponsor them and show them Jesus’ love. The dilemma is heart-wringing: We simply cannot turn them away, but neither can we afford to assume their long-term care without additional resources. For more information on how you can make a difference, visit AMG on the Web at # or call 1-800-251-7206.
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