When Confusion Reigns

by Jan Silvious

Confusion, that word which is synonymous with disarray, snafu, uproar, row, agitation, or indistinctness, is a word that is part of our lives, but not by God’s design. In a remarkable book published some years ago, Canon Roger Floyd, an archdemon, instructs subordinates on an ancient and effective piece of satanic strategy: “Insert yourself into the simple situations which call for plain and obvious duties and complicate them again, until at last no one involved in them can make sense of the confusion.” Can you recognize the strategy that is so effectively being applied in our society today? The simple situations which call for “plain and obvious duties” are being twisted and turned into complex situations. The Word of God, once accepted for what it said, is now in question. Starting in the 1700s, men began to confuse the issues with theories that are now taken as fact in many churches. The simple, plain truth of trust and obey has been replaced with trust and obey, if it seems right in your own eyes. Paul had to deal with people who allowed confusion to replace their trust and obedience. In 1 Corinthians 14, he writes, “For God is not a God of confusion, but of peace....Let all things be done properly and in an orderly manner” (vv. 33,40 nasb). What confusing issues are you dealing with in your life today? Does it seem almost insane for you to believe that God will meet your needs? Is it confusing to hear, on the one had, that suffering is a good thing because God can use it to conform you to His image, while being encouraged to pray for deliverance? I agree that the Christian life can be confusing. But that is exactly what the Enemy hopes. He wants to take the truth and complicate it, bringing doubt, confusion, and instability. I’ve noticed that little children are pretty firm in their beliefs. They accept without question what we tell them about God. They don’t have to have a lot of theological explanations or theories. They simply believe that God is with them, that they can talk to Him, and that He will take care of them. The Enemy wants to hurt; God wants to help. It’s as simple as that. When my youngest son was four years old, he was troubled with nightmares. We prayed every night, asking the Lord Jesus to protect him and to remind the Enemy that he didn’t have any place in my son’s dreams. With no further theological explanation, my child went to sleep, never to be bothered by nightmares again. There was no room for confusion because he decided to take God at His Word when He said, “He gives His beloved sleep.” He asked for it. He got it. Little children aren’t confused by the lies of the Enemy. God is God and He is to be trusted. How about you? Can you lay aside your confusion today and come to Him as a little child? From #/The 5-Minute Devotional/# ©Zondervan 1991
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