The Invasion of Planet Earth

by Spiros Zodhiates

Did you know that after the first moon-walk there were skeptics who claimed the whole thing was a hoax? Whether they were convinced after subsequent moon explorations I don't know. When such individuals make up their minds that a certain thing can't happen, they stubbornly refuse to believe the evidence that it has actually taken place. However, no rational educated person today doubts the accomplishments of the space exploration program. 

Spiros ZodhiatesNevertheless there are many who doubt that the earth was invaded by God on that first Christmas Day. If finite man is able to step on the moon today, don't you think that an omnipotent and eternal God could step down to earth from His dwelling place in heaven? Of course He could. But why did He? The Bible tells us that God became man so that He might save man. The incarnation brought Him down to our plane of existence to show us His great condescension, and that it is possible for men to live upon this earth as citizens of heaven.

Good Advice Was Not Enough

A Chinese convert to Christianity gave an account of his salvation something like this: "I was in a very deep well. I was sinking deeper and deeper and couldn't find any way out. As I looked upward I saw a face peering down at me. A voice said, 'My child, I am Confucius, the father of your country. Had you obeyed my teaching, you would never have landed where you are now.' He waved his hand and left, saying, If you ever manage to get out of this well, be careful to follow my teaching.'

"Then came Buddha, and looking down into the well he shouted, My child, you have to quit the condition in which you find yourself. Rest down there where you are. Fold your arms and begin to think. You will find nirvana, the peace which all of us desire.' I called back and said, Father Buddha, if you could help me get out of here I would be so thankful. Then I shall with great ease follow your instructions. But in this horrible place how can I rest?' But Buddha did not get me out of the well. He left me in despair.

Released From the Well

"But there came another Man over to the well, a Man full of goodness and interest. And on His face there were marks of great sorrow and suffering. He wasted no time in offering me words of comfort from up above, but came down where I was and pulled me out of that terrible clay in which I was wallowing, and lifted me up to the surface. He didn't forsake me but brought me to a place of safety. He took off my dirty clothes and dressed me in clean new clothes. Then He invited me to follow Him, saying I will never leave you or forsake you.' That Man was Christ. And that is why I became a Christian. Christ was the only one who descended to the depths where I was. He saved me and has never ceased to have fellowship with me and be my Companion."

This is exactly what Christ did for you and me. To show how intimate His relationship with men would be, He entered the womb of the Virgin Mary, was born as we were, and subjected Himself to all the physical needs of humanity. And just as He entered into Mary and became her Savior, so God in Christ will enter into men's hearts today who are willing to receive Him.

From The Perfect Gift, AMG Publishers

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