Connecting Your Church via the Web

by Jeff Love

Pastor Love continues describing the benefits of making the church Web site truly interactive. The principles employed to connect people to church and church to community are contained in the acrostic C.O.N.N.E.C.T. We continue with…

The Second “N” in C.O.N.N.E.C.T.

The next principle stands for “navigate.” It is important that people are able to navigate with ease in any on-line community or Web page. All of us have been to those pesky Web sites that seemed to take forever to load and then when they did load, they were impossible to navigate. Because our interactive on-line community was designed for church ministry, and in particular for pastors like myself who did not get in the ministry to focus on the church’s Web ministry, everything can be navigated with the touch of a button. No matter what you do to use the Web in your church, make sure normal, everyday people can navigate it with ease. I found out early on that a Web designer’s definition of “navigating with ease” and mine were worlds apart!

The Letter “E” in C.O.N.N.E.C.T.

Here the letter E stands for “experience.” People need to experience your ministry when they go to your Web site or online community in order for it to be interactive. With all of the tools that I have already written about, you can see so many ways that people are experiencing our ministry every time they get on our Web site.  We also have a few perks to allow it to become even more experiential. Simple things like the local weather, and Christian headline news are a part of our interactive community. During 9/11, it was wonderful to be able to encourage our people to get online at our Web site and go to the Christian headline news to get a different perspective.

There are several other tools that help people experience our ministry when they go to our Web site. For instance, our church newsletter is now posted online. Not only does this allow people to experience our ministry online but it also saves us a lot of postage. We also have online Bible study tools to assist our people in their daily devotionals, and we are currently adding Daily Devotionals. One of the most exciting things that we are getting ready to add to help make our Web page a ministry experience is the ability to have online discipleship training and what we are calling one-on-one coaching. Soon, every class we offer at our church will be available on our Web site.

To be continued

Jeff Love is senior pastor of Alive Church in Tucson, Arizona.

More information on the Web system used by Alive Church can be found at

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