February 2003

The Holy Perfume

Heroic Faith (How to Live a Life of Extreme Devotion)

The Art of Preaching Old Testament Narrative

Believers Church Bible Commentary: Ephesians

The Evangelism Mandate

February Recent Releases

Preeminent Expositor

Peeling Off Pretense

Are You Lonely

Sweden About to Criminalize Preaching Against Homosexuality

February News

February Praise & Prayer

Reaching People Through Radio

Our Identity Is Not in Doing but in Being

Nalibban the Bridge to Faith

Recalling What the Gospel Is and What It Is Not

Knowing as We Are Known

The Ubiquitous They

With Jesus in the Garden

How God Fulfills the Purpose of the Church Through Us

Unguarded Speech

Chronic Anger Is Sin

Khmer Rouge Generals Now Preach Christ

Voltaire's Victory

Plant Your Roots Deeply in the Local Church

God's Pattern for Living

Cutting Corners of the Cross

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