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Appreciates New Look

Let me be among the first to congratulate Pulpit Helps on the new look (Jan., 2008). I like the appearance and feel of the new magazine format and yet you have retained enough of the old look to make the reader still feel comfortable with it. I believe it is easier to handle when reading (or clipping articles to file) and will certainly be easier to place on library shelves.

Victor Knowles
POEM (Peace on Earth Ministries)

Commends PH for New Format

I write this letter to commend you on the wonderful new format for the Pulpit Helps. It is a tremendous improvement. I find that it is much easier to read as well as connecting articles together. Keep up the good work, and may God continue to bless your ministry and your paper. We shall be praying for you.

Earl F. Jones, pastor,
Taylor Center Baptist Church
Taylor, MI

Unpleasant Surprise

Surprised, but not pleasantly, was our reaction to the cover of your new format.

Is Pulpit Helps in the process of going contemporary'? It looked out of place' to feature a bare-foot girl in pants on the cover of a pastor's magazine.

Joe and Winnie Wright

Prefers the Old Format

I received the first edition of the new format of Pulpit Helps yesterday. I appreciate your efforts, based on the reasons for changing the format in an earlier issue, but in my estimation P.H. has come up greatly lacking. I much prefer the former format! The January issue I received was all "dog-eared" from first through the last page, both on the top and bottom. It was partially torn and looked terrible. I realize the Post Office handling is not your problem. When the older format was used I always received a pleasing copy. I am sorry you decided to change the format as it was easier to read and had more information. I liked it many, many times over better than the new format.

Ronald Wine, pastor

Editor's Response:

Thanks to everyone for your feedback on the new format. This has been the result of months of hard work from our staff, and we're indebted to them. We also understand that it takes time to work out the bugs and adjust to the new requirements. Our goal is to continue to bring the same quality and quantity of content to you each month while maintaining our operations to keep the magazine running smoothly. The recent changes were made in order that we will be able to continue sending Pulpit Helps to you for years to come. We'd welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have in more detail-just call us at (800) 251-7206, ext. 261, or e-mail 

Loves the New Size

Just gotta drop you a note telling you I LOVE the new size of "Pulpit." It's so much easier to hold and read, thank you, thank you, also easier to put in a file folder of the ones I can't part with.

You outdid yourself on this issue, by golly, all articles are wonderful. Now let's see, where do I start clipping? Well shucks, this one stays intact-they are all keepers.

Joyfully yours in the Lord,

Ann Faith Davis
Buckeye, AZ

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