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Be Grateful for Strengths of Emerging Church

I have not yet read Why We're Not Emergent, though I have read some emergent church authors such as Brian McLaren. and non-emergent authors on the emergent church such as D.A. Carson. If all I read on the Emergent Church was the article, "Come as You Are, Stay as You Are," and perhaps the book, Why We're Not Emergent, I would probably come away thinking the emergent movement has virtually nothing positive to offer. Though the introduction to the article says that the emergent church "has helped many people," the rest of the article with words and phrases such as "rebellion," "confusing," "works-based," and "new age spirituality" certainly doesn't give that impression.

I would highly recommend reading D.A. Carson's book, Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church, that can help pastors and churches learn from the weaknesses and strengths of the Emergent Churches to be biblical AND relevant in ministry. Carson writes of [a] church in New York City that "displays all the strengths of the emerging church movement while avoiding most of its weaknesses. In other words, the emerging church movement has numerous strengths, and we should be grateful for them."

Pastor Aaron de Neui
Cedar Creek Church
Hayfield, MN

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