Wedgwood Church Shows Heaven Can Heal Every Sorrow

by Baptist Press

"There is no sorrow that heaven can't heal," said Al Meredith, reacting to the deaths of four church young people and the bus driver in a tragic bus accident June 24 east of Dallas, Texas. "That sounds hollow right now but eventually that will change," he added. Meredith and the church he leads have experienced this healing. He is pastor of Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, where four young people and three adults were shot to death at a youth meeting Sept. 15, 1999. He now believes that the Wedgwood tragedy, though still difficult to comprehend, has given his church a great testimony to the faithfulness of Christ in times of trouble. He said that he is confident in God's ability to do the same for the members of Metro Church in Garland, Texas-the home church for three of the four youths killed. "There will be many, many tears. And beyond that-when the shock wears off-there will be anger and subsequently depression," he said. Meredith said that there will also be guilt. "There will be "survival guilt, parental guilt, and even pastoral guilt. There will be many what ifs?' and if onlys' and questions like what could have been done to avert this tragedy?' or should we never send our kids on a bus trip again?'" In time, however, those questions will fade, according to Meredith. "I think we need to be slow to say I know what you're going through,' because every man's pain is unique. Every person's trauma is different. I didn't know their children. The only thing I can say is that as for those believers who died, they are experiencing the joys of heaven and that should never be far from the minds of those at the church. "We sing a lot of songs about heaven around here (at Wedgwood). Heaven seems all the sweeter and this world seems to allure us less in the light of eternity." Baptist Press
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