Winter, Economy Deal Argentina Bitter Misery

by Larry Malone

While those of us who live in the U.S. have endured a sometimes sweltering summer, Argentina -far to the south in the Southern Hemisphere-has been gripped in bone-chilling cold. The freezing temperatures escalate the misery of economic chaos-involving all-too-often too little food, too little heat, and too little shelter. It's a plight that Pastor Jorge Ovando, who leads the World Evangelization Baptist Church in the city of Lujan, knows all too well. His latest letter to AMG headquarters (written in part to thank AMG supporters for their help in the present crisis) reported: "Here in Argentina we are suffering very much from the cold. It is terrible and continues. People are dying from the cold. "Our church is trying to do what we can to help them. We are now helping two families with several children each that were living between pieces of sheet metal and cardboard cartons. "With respect to our children's feeding center we are trying to open two more in different areas of our city. The need is so great and we must do what we can. Last night our church had a meeting to see how we might find more food, volunteers, and vehicles to help carry the food to the other two centers because we only have a kitchen in the one center." Earlier, Pastor Ovando wrote about the worsening economic situation: "Things are getting worse everyday. The price of just about everything has been raised to 300 or 400 percent. The people are desperate and we are crying out to God to heal and save our country. "We are now keeping our church doors open 24 hours a day so that the people might come in and pray. At the same time we do not cease to evangelize, using every method possible, believing that there has never been a more opportune time for people to come to know Christ personally." Recently the church and Pastor Jorge were commended by the mayor of the city for the excellent work the church is doing among the city's children. AMG partners with Jorge in newspaper evangelism, but in this emergency has suspended the gospel ads and instead earmarks the funds to help with the church's feeding program. Donations contributors send to assist his church's outreach are also being forwarded. "Please pray for Argentina and continue to give to this great need so that we can be a blessing to those facing such a crisis," adds Larry Malone, director of missions for AMG.
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