AMG Seeks to Spread the Gospel Through North India's Hindi Belt

by Larry Malone

After years of the gospel being preached throughout the vast country of India there still is very little Christian activity to be seen in the north. Most of the growth for the Indian church has been in the southern part of the country. Northern India, often called the "Hindi Belt," is strategically important for completing the unfinished task of world evangelization. This area is extremely important because it is a major population and political center; it contains the most socially deprived areas of India; and it is the country's religious hub, with the smallest Christian presence in all of India. For the last two years, AMG has been partnering with Project Christ International and the Calvary Bible Church of the City of Jhansi to equip and train God-called Indian evangelists and church planters to reach this difficult area with the gospel. Most of our students have come from Bihar State, and after completing Bible courses and practical training in the Jhansi Bible College these men return to their villages to share the gospel and plant new churches where people can be taught the Word of God. AMG's commitment to this challenge is to help provide these students with housing, food, utilities, and ministry materials, all of which costs about $600 a month. These men receive training from Pastor Robert Clark, an excellent Bible expositor; George Verghese, an 18-year veteran missionary and seminary professor; and Anoop Ram, a businessman and leader of pastor Clark's church. After they complete their Bible preparation, AMG, in partnership with sponsors, will seek to help them reach their own brothers and sisters with the Good News that Jesus died and rose again for sinners. As you remember these committed servants of the Lord, remember, too, that where they will be ministering Jesus Christ is looked upon as a foreign and unknown God. They need you to uphold them daily in prayer.
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