#*The greatest possession for which to be thankful is a thankful heart.

Old Union Reminder #*True thanksgiving is a cultivated habit rather than an occasional emphasis. #*We can be thankful in a topsy-turvy world if our lives are right side up. #*No one really gives thanks unless he is willing to give more thanks. Old Union Reminder If you will learn to appreciate the good things you have, you won’t miss the good things you don’t have. Old Union Reminder A thankful heart doubles our blessings, causing us to enjoy them twice--when we receive them and when we remember them. Old Union Reminder Giving thanks means little unless you are living thanks. Old Union Reminder True thanksgiving is a cultivated habit rather than a yearly ritual. If we pause to think, we'll have cause to thank. Old Union Reminder Critical words that come from the mouth originate in an unthankful heart. Wayne Nix Those that blame God for the bad times are likely to be those who do not thank Him for the good times. Wayne Nix Gratitute takes three forms: a feeling in the heart, an expression in words, and giving in return. Old Union Reminder Thanks be to God for His Unspeakable gift" 2 Cor 9:15


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