Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

by Bob Dasal

Throughout the year 2000 Pulpit Helps will celebrate 25 years of serving the pastoral and Christian community. To mark this milestone we will publish a special 25th anniversary issue in September. The first issue Dr. Spiros Zodhiates published was September, 1975, and it has been published monthly without interruption every since. Over the years many creative and dedicated Christian people have participated in publishing the magazine and the present Pulpit Helps staff is grateful for the heritage they have passed to us.

Redesigned and Improved Web Site

Bob DasalAlso, we're please to announce that our redesigned Web site is up and running. It did take longer to complete than we originally planned, but the improved site has much more content for our readers, plus resource databases for our subscribers. Your comments and ideas are welcome and we encourage you to let us know what you like and what you don't like. We are very receptive to any ideas you might have on how we could further improve the electronic version.

Every area of the site is available to all visitors throughout the month of January. Beginning February 1st some areas, like the databases, will only be available to subscribers.

Please note the Web site is a work in progress. We have our basic design and structure in place. Month by month we will be working to add to the Bulletin Insert Database, the Illustration Database and the Sermon Starter Database. If you have an illustration, bulletin insert or sermon outline that you want to contribute, let us know.

Let us Be Tough and Tender

The year 2000 and beyond calls the Christian community to both the opportunity and challenge to communicate and share the gospel of Christ boldly and effectively! When I was a college student one of our chapel speakers said, "When Jesus sent out His disciples and told them to ‘be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves' He was telling them to be tough-minded and tender-hearted. The difficulty today is that too many times some people get this turned around and end up soft-headed and hard-hearted." Our prayer for Pulpit Helps as we begin the New Year is to keep focused on the Person of the Lord Jesus and to be tough-minded and tender-hearted.



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