Recent Releases

Judson Press

Of Angels, Beasts, and Plagues, Kenneth H. Maahs, 1999, Judson Press, 317 pages, Softcover

The African American Pulpit Millennium Issue, Kirk Jones and Martha Simmons, 2000, Judson Press, $15.00, 221 pages, Softcover

Kregel Publications

The Company of the Creative, David L. Larsen, 1999, Kregel Publications, 639 pages, Hardcover

Doctors Who Followed Christ, Dan Graves, 1999, Kregel Publications, 255 pages, Softcover

George Muller of Bristol, A. T. Pierson, 1999, Kregel Publications, 375 pages, Softcover

The Practical Wisdom of Proverbs, Louis Goldberg, 1990, Kregel Publications, 217 pages, Softcover

Three Central Issues in Contemporary Dispensationalism, Herbert W. Bateman IV, 1999, Kregel Publications, 345 pages, Softcover

Soli Deo Gloria

Christ's Last Disclosure of Himself, William Greenhill, 1656, Soli Deo Gloria, 211 pages, Hardcover

Quaint Sermons of Samuel Rutherford, Samuel Rutherford, 1999, Soli Deo Gloria, 384 pages, Hardcover

Word Publishing

The Grace Awakening, Hope Again, Simple Faith, Charles R. Swindoll, 1999, Word Publishing, $16.99, 259 pages, Hardcover

The MacArthur Topical Bible, John MacArthur, 1999, Word Publishing, $34.99, 1592 pages, Hardcover


A Brief Guide to Ideas, William Raeper and Linda Edwards, 1997, Zondervan, $19.99, 394 pages, Softcover

The Zondervan Minister's Tax & Financial Guide, Dan Busby, CPA, 1999, Zondervan, $14.99, 169 pages, Softcover

Bridge-Logos Publishers

God Speaks to the Weary Heart, Chris Kline, 1999, Bridge-Logos Publishers, 228 pages, Softcover

Broadman & Holman

The Moment of Truth, Wayne V. McDill, 1999, Broadman & Holman, $19.99, 197 pages, Softcover

Baker Books

Hypocrisy, James S. Spiegel, 1999, Baker Books, 173 pages, Softcover

Geneva Press

Romans (Interpretation Bible Studies), Art Ross and Martha M. Stevenson, 1999, Geneva Press, 92 pages, Softcover

Herald Press

1-2 Peter & Jude, Erland Waltner and J. Daryl Charles, 1999, Herald Press, 352 pages, Softcover

Loyal Publishing

Reflections on a Pilgrimage, Ted W. Engstrom, 1999, Loyal Publishing, $16.95, 185 pages, Hardcover

Moody Press

A Heart for the City, John Fuder, 1999, Moody Press, $34.99, 523 pages, Hardcover

Thomas Nelson

The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict, Josh McDowell, 1999, Thomas Nelson, 760 pages, Hardcover

Simon & Schuster

The Life of Our Lord, Charles Dickens, 1999, Simon & Schuster, $14.95, 126 pages, Hardcover

Times Books (Random House)

Sources of Strength, Jimmy Carter, 1999, Times Books (Random House), $14.00, 252 pages, Softcover


The Complete Book of Bible Prophecy, Mark Hitchcock, 1999, Tyndale, 237 pages, Softcover

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