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I thank you for the hard work that you and your staff place on your publication Pulpit Helps. There is a whole lot of articles and fresh insight into the work of those who preach and teach the Word of God. However, I do not understand why there would be the need to bash other Christian communities in your section of "News Update." On page one, Spiros Zodhiates writes an excellent article on "Sin Begins in the Heart," and several pages later we are judging a bunch of Christians who are paying tribute to a woman that gave birth to Jesus Christ.

What is even worse is the fact that the author decides to judge and label those people as "spiritually deficient." I don't think anyone doubts that the mother of Jesus Christ is alive and well in heaven. I don't think anyone doubts that her Son Jesus speaks to His mother and vice-versa at this very moment. I don't think anyone one doubts that she is presently sitting in heaven watching over every single person; she herself said that "all generations shall call me blessed."

But people will doubt a Christian writer who takes it upon himself to judge a few people by calling them "spiritually" dead because they wanted to honor a great woman who gave birth to [the] person that gives us salvation. Yes, it might be sad that a few Greeks might not know who really saves, yet on the same token, they know by their faith that she has something to do with it-and you can never take that away from them. It is difficult to believe that Jesus would actually judge a bunch of people and call them "spiritually" out-of-touch because they went to visit His mother.

Please be a little more selective in your articles and the people who write them. Whenever you get the chance, have the missionary worker read Spiros' article.


Editor's response: The article in question ("Spiritual Darkness in Greece" in the February issue) was a news item, reporting facts. We may not necessarily agree with every news item, but in this case we feel it brought out a crucial distinction between honoring Mary and worshiping her. As Protestants, we do indeed honor the woman chosen by God to give birth to His Son, Jesus Christ. But we also believe that Mary had to seek and find salvation through her Son, just as we all do. The Greeks described in the article were clearly worshiping her.

Enjoys Magazine

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your periodical. Without exception, it is the one I most look forward to receiving. There hasn't been an issue that has not offered something compelling, thought-provoking and insightful. My wife is organizing a Sunday School teachers meeting and found the article by Marlene LeFever ("Bullish on Sunday School") to be timely and inspiring.

Thank you for your anointed efforts to minister to ministers.

Pastor Ronald S. Riddle
South Omaha Church of God
Omaha, Nebraska


I logged on to the new Web site you are developing and say thanks to you and praise the Lord. What a blessing it is and we look forward to what it will become. I am presently a subscriber.

Ronald Rider

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