Columbine Killers Mocked Christ on Video

by Religion Today

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold blasphemed Christ and directed invectives at Christian students and others in a video prior to the killings at Columbine last year. The two made five videos before the shooting, venting their rage at athletes, minorities, and Christians, Christianity Today said.

"Go Romans. Thank God they crucified that [expletive]," Harris said, making a vulgar reference to Jesus, CT said. Both teens then began chanting, "Go Romans" and cheering. "What would Jesus do?" Klebold yelled. "What would I do?" he said, pretending to fire a gun at the camera, the publication said.

The boys singled out Christian student Rachel Scott on the tape, calling her a "godly whore" and "stuck-up," it continued. Harris mimicked her faith. "Yeah. I love Jesus. I love Jesus.' Shut the [expletive] up," he said. Scott had told Klebold and Harris about Christ during a class they shared, and confronted them about a violent video they made, her father, Darrell, said. She was one of the first to be killed in the attack.

The killers hated God, Darrell Scott said. "There seemed to be an extra element of hatred and vengeance there." Police allowed victims' parents to see the videos, which have not been released to the public, CT said. A Time magazine report included some details from the tapes but did not mention the anti-Christian elements.

A student sitting near Rachel Scott says God saved his life. Mark Taylor, 17, was shot twice from behind, and five more times in the chest as he sat on a hill outside the school talking about religion with his friends, the Rocky Mountain News said.

"I remember being in the ambulance, afraid of dying," he told Columbine Community Church Jan. 26. "I called to God to save me and He answered my plea. I knew right then, I was certain God was going to save my life."

Doctors at University Hospital said they did not expect Taylor to live. "I'm looking at a dead man," a surgeon told Dr. Bill Deagle, who also spoke at the church. Taylor's mother said she couldn't understand why the shooting happened until she remembered a passage of Scripture about "all things coming together for the good," she told the News. "I said, Lord, all things?' And He said, All things.'"

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