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Wishes He Could Find Book

I am a Southern Baptist Pastor of a small rural church. For a year or so, I have been studying hermeneutics on my own. This area is one that is often ignored by churches, but I believe it is as fundamental as the doctrine the church teaches. If a church has good doctrine but weak or nonexistent hermeneutics, eventually they will tolerate weak doctrine and then false doctrine. Yet it seems difficult to find material that can be used to teach laymen this subject.

So when I received your March issue, I had to get off the fence and order your paper. Is there somewhere I could find this book? I know you said it was out of print. Has someone put it online?

Charlie McClelland

Editor's response: Brother McClelland is referring to Etta Linnemann's book, Historical Criticism of the Bible-Methodology or Ideology? We've looked for the book too, but other than a borrowed copy which a friend found in a used-book store, we've had no luck. Nor, to our knowledge, has anyone put it online. There are, however, six more installments in our serialization of chapter six of that book.

If any of our readers knows of a source for the book, we'd like to get hold of a copy, as would Brother McClelland. (We'll give him first dibs by passing word along to his email address.)


"Reference Is Insulting"

I am a liberal Christian-which is to say, a follower of Jesus Christ with a point of view which happens to be different from yours.

Your reference to liberalism as a "deadly virus" is belittling, demeaning, and personally insulting. If you cannot respect me as a Chrsitian brother, do not send me your publications.

Kenneth Moody-Arndt


Disappointed at Listing

I was quite surprised, disappointed, confused, concerned, to see a book recommended in the "Library Section" (PH Feb. 2000, page 16), the Recovery Version of the New Testament published by Living Stream.

My dismay rests in the fact that I believed Pulpit Helps to be orthodox in its theology. In other words, I would not expect to see a book recommended that was published by the Watchtower and Tract Society or Deseret Books. Yet here is one by Living Stream, which is the publishing arm of the late Witness Lee's "Local Church," a group whose theology and practices are questionable at best.

Unless you believe in Modalism as your view of the Trinity, of the "locality" doctrine: Christ is only present in one group of believers at one time, or that "Judaism is satanic, Catholicism is demonic, and Protestantism is without Christ," then of course I would understand why you would recommend publications from Living Stream.

As a man who "lost" his daughter to this group for a period of time, forcing me to engage professional help to restore our relationship, I am, to say the least, concerned!

Without going into all the details, I would recommend The New Cults by Walter Martin, published by Vision House. This book can be obtained from the Christian Research Institute, Santa Margarita, California.

Laurence G. Hamlin

Editor's response: Pulpit Helps did not recommend this book. It was included in an advertisement, and labeled as such.

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