In God We Trust

by Donald E. Wildman

For almost 200 years, millions of children did it at the beginning of each school day. Then, our nation's highest court ruled that it was illegal. What crime have these children committed? They prayed in school. Later, the same court-in its infinite wisdom-ruled that not only could children not pray, they could not be exposed in a public school to the Ten Commandments. Further, the court ruled that the Commandments could not be displayed in any public building-school, courthouse, city hall, library, etc. Instrumental in bringing about all these changes was, of course, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

American Family Association posterI got to thinking the other day about how to accomplish the same goal as posting the Ten Commandments, but do it in a way which would be upheld in any unbiased court in the land. The answer: our national motto: "In God We Trust." This motto reflects the belief which our forefathers held, that trust in God is the bedrock precept of this noble experiment we call America.

The ACLU and liberal judges may not allow the posting of the Ten Commandments, but they cannot prohibit the posting of our national motto. How could it be illegal to post our national motto in any school, courthouse or other public building?

The American Family Association has produced a beautiful 11 x 14-inch poster featuring our nation's official motto, adopted by Congress in 1956. The poster can be framed and displayed in every public building in America. Why not order copies of this poster, frame them and present them, to be hung in public buildings in your area? I hope you will order at least three of these posters, frame them and present them to your local school for hanging.

AFA will send you three copies at a cost of $10 and we will pay for shipping. You can get order information by calling (662) 844-5036, ext. 4, or writing to American Family Association, P.O. Drawer 2440, Tupelo, MS 38803.

Donald E. Wildmon is the president of the American Family Association

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