Recent Releases

Bethany House

Union & Communion (a Devotional Study of How the Song of Solomon Reveals a Believer's Union With Jesus Christ) , J. Hudson Taylor, 2000, Bethany House, $6.99, 94 pages, Softcover

Into the Depths of God , Calvin Miller, 2000, Bethany House, 249 pages, Hardcover

Kregel Publications

Evangelism for the Fainthearted , Floyd Schneider, 2000, Kregel Publications, 220 pages, Softcover

The Fundamentals for the Twenty-first Century (Examining the Crucial Issues fo the Christian Faith) , Mal Couch, 2000, Kregel Publications, 656 pages, Hardcover

Preaching With Passion , Alex Montoya, 2000, Kregel Publications, 160 pages, Softcover

Moody Press

Life's Greatest Journey (How to Be Heavenly Minded and of Earthly Good) , Doug McIntosh, 2000, Moody Press, $12.99, 238 pages, Softcover

"Make It Home Before Dark" (God's Call to Holiness in Our Walk With Him) , Crawford W. Loritts, Jr., 2000, Moody Press, $16.99, 162 pages, Hardcover

Stories from God's Heart (the Parables) , John H. Beukema, 2000, Moody Press, $9.99, 216 pages, Softcover


To Love With all Your Heart , Fran Sciacca, 2000, NavPress, $6.00, 96 pages, Softcover

Playing With Fire (How the Bible Ignites Changes in Your Soul) , Walt Russell, 2000, NavPress, $14.00, 286 pages, Softcover

Pleasures Evermore (the Life-Changing Power of Enjoying God) , Sam Storms, 2000, NavPress, $15.00, 317 pages, Softcover


Jesus the Pastor (Leading Others in the Character & Power of Christ) , John W. Frye, 2000, Zondervan, $14.99, 179 pages, Hardcover

Sacred Pathways (Discover Your Soul's Path to God) , Gary Thomas, 2000, Zondervan, $16.99, 232 pages, Hardcover

Career Press

The Guidance Manual for the Christian Home School , Avid and Laurie Callihan, 2000, Career Press, $20.99, 262 pages, Softcover

Crossway Books

The Legacy of Sovereign Joy (God's Triumphant Grace in the Lives of Augustine, Luther and Calvin) , John Piper, 2000, Crossway Books, $17.99, 158 pages, Hardcover

Judson Press

Silent Conversations (Reading the Bible in Good Company) , William Apel, 2000, Judson Press, 174 pages, Softcover

Summit Publishing

Come Fly With Me (the Adventures of a Humanitarian Bush Pilot) , Guy Gervais, 2000, Summit Publishing, $14.95, 220 pages, Softcover

Word Publishing

The Gospel According to the Apostles (the Role of Works in the Life of Faith) , John MacArthur, 2000, Word Publishing, $12.99, 272 pages, Softcover

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