Making a Difference!

by Bob Dasal

Today's pastors are accurately described as "busy people." An active pastorate is a time consuming and demanding occupation. The pace and stress of ministry can cause problems for the pastor and his family. Dallas Speight of LifeWay Christian Resources says it's important for ministers to protect themselves before problems arise. He encourages pastors to have an "intentional plan of safeguards" in place.

Speight believes the answer to the following three questions helps clarify one's purpose and call. Who am I? What am I doing with my life? Bob DasalIs what I do going to make a difference?

In this issue we have an article by Charles Willis entitled "Safeguard Your Ministry," elaborating on Speight's cautions on protecting your ministry and what it means to make a difference.

For twenty-five years, Pulpit Helps has worked hard to help the busy pastor "make a difference" in the lives of the people they serve.

This is our 25th Anniversary issue. The story about Pulpit Helps and Dr. Zodhiates gives insight into the beginnings and focus of the magazine. There have been 300 issues of Pulpit Helps so far and millions of copies have been printed and distributed to pastors across the U.S. and several other English speaking countries. In addition affiliated ministries in Indonesia and India produce their own editions of Pulpit Helps.

Reaching this milestone is not only a time of celebration, but more importantly, a time of reflection and self-examination. Pulpit Helps has an unwavering commitment to the infallibility and authority of the Scripture, and from this basis we seek to provide resource material, insightful articles, and encouragement to the pastor and Bible teacher.

Over the years a number of people have been a part of producing Pulpit Helps. Each made a significant contribution. I'm so thankful for the present staff and their tireless efforts and hard work that make each monthly issue possible. Also, I'm so thankful to the leadership of AMG International for their strong commitment and support.

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