Recent Releases

Beacon Hill Press

Grace-Full Leadership (Under-standing the Heart of a Christian) , John C. Bowling, 2000, Beacon Hill Press, $15.99, 144 pages, softcover

The Pastor's Playbook (Coaching Your Team for Ministry) , Stan Toler and Larry Gilbert, 2000, Beacon Hill Press, $13.99, 152 pages, softcover

Harvest House

No Compromise (the Life Story of Keith Green, revised) , Melody Green and David Hazard, 2000, Harvest House, $11.99, 382 pages, softcover

If You Love the Lord , Keith Green, 2000, Harvest House, $9.99, 250 pages, softcover

Examine the Evidence (six booklets) , Ralph O. Muncaster, 2000, Harvest House, $3.99, 48 pages, softcover

Howard Publishing

If I Really Believe, Why Do I Have These Doubts? , Lynn Anderson, 2000, Howard Publishing, 201 pages, softcover

When God Builds a Church , Bob Russell with Rusty Russell, 2000, Howard Publishing, 292 pages, hardcover

Soli Deo Gloria

Grace Triumphant , Charles Spurgeon, 2000, Soli Deo Gloria, $24.95, 320 pages, hardcover

A Treatise on Satan's Temptations , Richard Gilpin, 2000, Soli Deo Gloria, 480 pages, hardcover

Baker Books

A Celebration of Children , Edith Schaeffer, Raven's Ridge imprint, 2000, Baker Books, $16.99, 80 pages, hardcover

Century Creations, Grand Forks, ND

Disciples & Other Believers , Peter Milloy, 2000, Century Creations, Grand Forks, ND, 114 pages, softcover


Holy People, Holy Lives (Law and Gospel in Bioethics) , Richard C. Eyer, 2000, Concordia, 167 pages, softcover


Tongues of Angels Tongues of Men (a Book of Sermons) , John F. Thornton and Katharine Washburn, eds., 1999, Doubleday, $35.00, 815 pages, hardcover


Creation, Evolution & Modern Science , Ray Bohlin, 2000, Kregel, $10.99, 192 pages, softcover

Moody Press

Your Single Treasure (the Good News About Singles and Sexuality) , Rick Stedman, 2000, Moody Press, $12.99, 211 pages, softcover

Langteaux, Multnomah

God.Com (Extreme Intimacy With an Interactive God) , James Alexander, 2000, Langteaux, Multnomah, $12.99, 205 pages, hardcover

Thomas Nelson

The Revelation of Truth , John Hagee, 2000, Thomas Nelson, $19.99, 294 pages, hardcover

Wyndham Hall Press

The Black Family , C. Anthony Hunt, 2000, Wyndham Hall Press, $20.00, 95 pages, softcover