A Thanksgiving Prayer

by Life Lines

We thank Thee Lord,

for all the good

That we have had this year:

For raiment, shelter and for food,

For all the friends so dear.

We praise Thee for thine Only Son

Who died to set us free:

We praise Thee for the victories

And for the light we see.

We thank Thee for

Thy keeping power

And for Thy saving grace;

For blessing us each day and hour,

Whit Thy sweet smiling face.

We praise Thee for

Thy blessed truth

And for Thy Love divine,

That leads us from our very youth

Until our years decline.

We thank Thee for

Thy guiding hand.

And for the way of life,

That guides us safely

through this land

Of darkness and of strife.

We praise Thee Lord

for peace and rest

That fills our very hearts;

For blessing us with all the best

That heaven can impart.

We thank Thee for

Thy precious Word.

That feeds our hungry souls:

We thank and praise Thee,

blessed Lord,

Who keeps us well and whole.

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