Justification by Faith Alone

by Jonathan Edwards

In 1734 Edwards printed this volume, composed of two lectures (sermons) in Northampton, Massachusetts. These lectures were Edwards' response to a growing Arminianism in New England. The original document has been edited by Don Kistler to make it more readable to modern audiences.

Edwards points out that justification is by faith alone, without any human goodness that we may produce. Works cannot save us, as Edwards points out from Old and New Testament examples. But is not faith a "work"? Not so, says Edwards. We are not saved by faith. But we are justified by faith.

Faith is the avenue that permits the grace of God through Christ to render the sinner savable. It is not faith that saves. Christ alone saves the sinner. Faith opens the door of God's love to flow into the sinner to make him a child of God.

In the latter portion of his discourse Edwards answers objections to the doctrine of justification by faith alone. In his answers he demonstrates the place of good works, repentance, and eternal rewards.

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