Experience God in Worship

by Various

The act of worship seems to be getting a lot of attention recently. What is worship, how do we worship, and why do we not have worshipful experiences as we once did? Nine writers from divergent backgrounds attempt to give us insight into the question of worship.

Among their concerns: Why does worship too often appear lifeless? What place do the sacraments (ordinances) play in worship? How can examples of worship in Scriptures contribute to contemporary worship? How can we attain "heartfelt" worship?

Noted television pastor Jack Hayford argues for a revolution in worship. We need to cast aside many of the traditions that have existed in worship services. When the Ark was brought to Jerusalem, King David expressed his gratitude to God by dancing and praising. Hayford suggests that modern worshipers might profit by overt expression of their thanksgiving to God.

Richard Allen Farmer discusses worship in an African-American congregation.

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