Recent Releases

Eerdmans Publishing

Bio Engagement (Making a Christian Difference Through Bioethics Today) , Nigel M. de S. Cameron, Scott E. Daniels, and Barbara J. White, eds., 2000, Eerdmans Publishing, $22.00, 265 pages, softcover

Listening to the Spirit in the Text , Gordon D. Fee, 2000, Eerdmans Publishing, $12.00, 180 pages, softcover

The Savior of Science , Stanley L. Jaki, 2000, Eerdmans Publishing, $18.00, 256 pages, softcover

Howard Publishing

The Tremendous Power of Prayer (a Collection of Quotes and Inspirational Thoughts to Inspire Your Prayer Life) , Charlie "Tremendous" Jones and Bob Kelly, 2000, Howard Publishing, $11.99, 163 pages, hardcover

The Words That Inspired the Dreams (True Stories About the Power of a Few Choice Words) , Caron Loveless, 2000, Howard Publishing, $12.99, 229 pages, softcover

Kregel Publications

Beauty Care for the Tongue (2nd edition) , LeRoy Koopman, 2000, Kregel Publications, 128 pages, softcover

Hope Grows in Winter (Inspiring Real-Life Stories of How Hope Changes Lives) , Woodrow Kroll & George D. Miller III, gen eds., 2000, Kregel Publications, 270 pages, softcover

Thomas Nelson

Experiencing the Holy Spirit (Transformed by His Presence--a 12-week Interactive Workbook) , Larry Keefauver, 2000, Thomas Nelson, $15.99, 278 pages, softcover

The Lift in the City (Why Christians Must Advance and Not Retreat) , Janet & Craig Parshall, 2000, Thomas Nelson, $12.99, 245 pages, softcover

The 21 Most Powerful Minutes in a Leader's Day (Revitalize Your Spirit and Empower Your Leadership) , tm, 2000, Thomas Nelson, $21.99, 367 pages, hardcover

Raising Heaven Bound Kids in a Hell Bent World , Eastman Curtis, 2000, Thomas Nelson, $9.99, 225 pages, softcover

Solving Bible Mysteries (Unraveling the Perplexing and Troubling Passages of Scripture) , D. James Kennedy, 2000, Thomas Nelson, $19.99, 211 pages, hardcover

P & R Publishing

Celebrating the Sabbath (Finding Rest in a Restless World) , Bruce A. Ray, 2000, P & R Publishing, $8.99, 125 pages, softcover

Creation ( a Witness to the Wonder of God) , Mark D. Futato, 2000, P & R Publishing, $8.99, 121 pages, softcover

The Israel of God (Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow) , O. Palmer Robertson, 2000, P & R Publishing, $12.99, 204 pages, softcover

Through the Looking Glass ( Reflections of Christ That Change Us) , Kris Lundgaard, 2000, P & R Publishing, $9.99, 209 pages, softcover

Star Bible Publications

The Chosen People ( a Biblical Study of the Orgin of Israel) , Elton Stubblefield, 2000, Star Bible Publications, $10.95, 197 pages, softcover

Three Debates With Four of the Best Mormon Scholars , Otis Gatewood, 2000, Star Bible Publications, $12.95, 298 pages, softcover

Zondervan Publishing House

Moral Choices (second edition) , Scott B. Rae, 1995, Zondervan Publishing House, $27.99, 281 pages, hardcover

Reaching for the Invisible God (What Can We Expect to Find?) , Philip Yancey, 2000, Zondervan Publishing House, $21.99, 301 pages, hardcover

Baker Books

The Essence of the Church (a Community Created by the Spirit) , Craig Van Gelder, 2000, Baker Books, 207 pages, softcover

Concordia Publishing House

Just Works (Understanding the Fullness of the Gospel) , Jacob A. O. Preus, 2000, Concordia Publishing House, 235 pages, softcover

Destiny Image Publishers

Today God is First (365 Meditations on the Principles of Christ in the Workplace) , Os Hillman, 2000, Destiny Image Publishers, 396 pages, hardcover

Geneva Press

Gifts of Love (New Hymns for Today's Worship) , Carolyn Winfrey Gillette, 2000, Geneva Press, 94 pages, softcover

Harvest House

Miracles Around Us (How to Recognize God at Work Today) , Ron Rhodes, 2000, Harvest House, 239 pages, softcover

InterVarsity Press

Recovering the Scandal of the Cross (Atonement in New estament & Contemporary Contexts) , Joel B. Green & Mark Baker, 2000, InterVarsity Press, 232 pages, softcover

Morehouse Publishing

Glimpses of Glory (Prayers for the Church Year) , David Adam, 2000, Morehouse Publishing, $11.95, 155 pages, softcover

Multnomah Publishers

Called to Rebellion (the Key to a Single-Hearted Love for Christ) , Sandy Snavely, 1999, Multnomah Publishers, $10.99, 320 pages, softcover

Word Publishing

Ten Lies About God (and How You Might Already Be Deceived) , Erwin W. Lutzer, 2000, Word Publishing, $19.99, 238 pages, hardcover

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