Prayer Puts Football in Perspective

Editor's note: We received the following communication via the email circuit. The prayer was identified as being given by Dr. Blake Smith, pastor of the University Baptist Church in Austin, Texas, before the Texas/Baylor football game.

"Dear God: It is clear Thou hast given us life with many different shades and colors. For this we are grateful. We humbly accept the fact that some things in our lives are not very important. They are to be enjoyed, but not taken too seriously. The occasion that brings us together today is one of those happy interludes in life. Help us to accept it as such.

"In Thy presence we know that no issues of great importance are g oing to be settled here this afternoon. No souls are going to be lost or saved by the final figures on the scoreboard. No great cause is at stake. It is one of those pleasures which Thou has meant for Thy children to enjoy. Do not let us spoil it by forgetting that it is just a game to be enjoyed today, talked about tomorrow, and forgotten the day afterward. Keep us mindful of this, dear God, for we are human and we easily lose our perspective and allow the things that are most important to become the victim of the things that are least important. Amen."

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