Home Schooling Goes World-Wide

by www.ReligionToday.com

Home schooling is expanding worldwide. The Virginia-based Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has had contact with home educators in 25 countries over the past few years, according to the Washington Times. Christopher J. Klicka, an HSLDA attorney, traveled to Germany and Japan this past summer to help families organize to get home schooling legalized.

In Japan, home schooling is becoming popular and is being supported by several leaders in the business community, the Times reported. Approximately 300,000 students a year drop out of junior and senior high schools, and Japan is looking for ways to return them to their studies. Home education also is growing in Germany, Klicka told the Times.

Brian Ray, who runs the National Home Education Research Institute in Salem, Ore., told the Times that he also has seen a surge in international interest. Ray has spoken at conferences in Switzerland and Great Britain, and recently took calls about home schooling from Kuwait, Korea, and from a Pakistani living in London. Home schooling has grown to an estimated 1.7 million students in the United States and is legal in every state.

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