Discovery Confirms Evidence of the Flood

A National Geographic report (16 September) documents the discovery of a Bronze-Age village 100 meters under the Black Sea. According to archeologists, this confirms evidence of a great flood in Noah's days, as described in the Old Testament. The Neolithic settlement, 12 miles from the Turkish coastal city Sinop, was discovered in September 2000 by Robert Ballard, an American oceanographer who previously discovered the Titanic and Bismarck wrecks.

The discovery seems to confirm that people lived on the Black Sea coast 7,500 years ago, before being driven inland by a great flood. There is strong geological evidence for a flood which caused the Mediterranean to rise until it breached the natural dam of the Bosporus, flooding the Black Sea. "Today, we know that these people were killed by a flood. This is an amazing discovery," says Dr. Ballard.

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