Recent Releases

Baker Book House

Holly Invitations (Exploring Spiritual Direction) , Jeannette A. Bakke, 2000, Baker Book House, $16.99, 287 pages, Softcover

Husbands & Fathers (Rediscover the Creator's Purpose for Men) , Derek Prince, 2000, Baker Book House, 158 pages, Softcover

Into the Future (Turning Today's Church Trends Into Tomorrow's Opportunities) , Elmer Towns and Warren Bird, 2000, Baker Book House, 0 pages, Softcover

Leading From the Inside Out (the Art of Self-Leadership) , Samuel D. Rima, 2000, Baker Book House, 255 pages, Softcover

Mormonism 101 (Examining the Religion of the Latter-day Saints) , Bill McKeever & Eric Johnson, 2000, Baker Book House, 320 pages, Softcover

Unriddling Our Times (Reflections on the Gathering Cultural Crisis) , Os Guinness, 2000, Baker Book House, 141 pages, Softcover

Herald Press

Artists, Citizens, Philosophers (Seeking the Peace of the City) , Duane K. Friesen, 2000, Herald Press, $16.99, 0 pages, Softcover

Social Ministry (an Urgent Agenda for Pastors and Churches) , Haskell M. Miller, 2000, Herald Press, $9.99, 127 pages, Softcover

Harvest House

Grace Stories (a Fresh Look at God's Unconditional Love) , Bob George, 2000, Harvest House, $9.99, 223 pages, Softcover

The Lord is My Shepherd (12 Promises for Every Woman) , Elizabeth George, 2000, Harvest House, 223 pages, Softcover

Putting Anger in Its Place (a Women's Guide to Getting Emotions Under Control) , Annie Chapman, 2000, Harvest House, $8.99, 156 pages, Softcover

Kregel Publications

An Introduction to Classical Evangelical Hermeneutics (a Guide to the History and Practice of Biblical Interpretation) , Mal Couch, gen. ed., 2000, Kregel Publications, 371 pages, Softcover

How Small a Whisper (21 Evangelistic Sermons for Contemporary Preaching , Roger Carswell, 2000, Kregel Publications, 171 pages, Softcover

Moody Press

The Dating Trap (Helping Your Children Make Wise Choices in Their Relationships) , Martha Ruppert, 2000, Moody Press, $12.99, 216 pages, Softcover

The Faith of a Child (a Step-by-Step Guide to Salvation for Your Child) , Art Murphy, 2000, Moody Press, $11.99, 147 pages, Softcover

More Than Finances (a Design for Freedom) , Larry Burkett, 2000, Moody Press, $19.99, 270 pages, Softcover


Steering Through Chaos (Vice and Virtue in an Age of Moral Confusion) , Os Guinness, 2000, Navpress, $15.00, 340 pages, Softcover

When No One Sees (the Importance of Character in an Age of Image) , Os Guinness, 2000, Navpress, $15.00, 329 pages, Softcover

Why Government Can't Save You (an Alternative to Political Activism) , John MacArthur, 2000, Navpress, $12.99, 192 pages, Softcover

Word Publishing

You Can Experience an Authentic Life , James Emery White, 2000, Word Publishing, $10.99, 174 pages, Softcover

Christian Publications

Historical Drift (Must My Church Die?) , Arnold L. Cook, 2000, Christian Publications, $14.99, 346 pages, Softcover

Promise Press (Barbour Publishing)

Mirical on Boswell Road (True Stories of Unexpected Acts of Love) , John Eades, 2000, Promise Press (Barbour Publishing), $9.99, 219 pages, Softcover

Multnomah Publishers

Not Ashamed (the Story of Jews for Jesus) , Ruth Tucker, 1999, Multnomah Publishers, $12.99, 320 pages, Softcover


At the Origins of Christian Worship (the Context and Character of Earliest Christian Devotion) , Larry W. Hurtado, 2000, Eerdmans, $16.00, 138 pages, Softcover

Thomas Nelson Publishers

The Lift in the City (Why Christians Must Advance and Not Retreat) , Janet & Craig Parshall, 2000, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 245 pages, Softcover

Soli Deo Gloria

Heaven Opened (the Riches of God's Covenant) , Richard Alleine, 2000, Soli Deo Gloria, 343 pages, Hardcover

Thomas Nelson

Christmas Abundance (a Simple Guide to Discovering the True Meaning of Christmas) , Candy Paull, 2000, Thomas Nelson, $15.99, 179 pages, Softcover

World Wide Printing

Turning the Church Inside Out (about advancing God's Kingdom through evangelism) , William B. Effler, 2000, World Wide Printing, 239 pages, Softcover

Zondervan Publishing

Awaken the Leader Within (How the Wisdom of Jesus Can Unleash Your Potential) , Bill Perkins, 2000, Zondervan Publishing, $16.99, 208 pages, Hardcover

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