Grace Triumphant

by Charles Spurgeon

According to the preface this book contains a series of sermons by Charles Haddon Spurgeon that have never before appeared in print. Spurgeon, known as "the Prince of Preachers," was pastor of London's Metropolitan Tabernacle for many years. At his death in 1892 he left thousands of published sermons and several books.

Spurgeon's style generally followed the same format. He presented a text and then drew practical applications from it. Virtually all of his works are topical and devotional rather than expositional.

This volume particularly speaks of the grace of God. Love and compassion ooze from every page. Spurgeon attempts to bring encouragement to the sick, the lonely, the afflicted, the discouraged and the lost. For every human need, God through Christ can meet that need. A brief example will illustrate his style: "To thee, sinner, I would also say, hear the preacher that speaks pointedly. Do not feel vexed with one who exposes your faults.A doctor who never makes an examination of his patient, or who, knowing that there is an evil somewhere, is too delicate to allude to it, is a disgrace to his profession. The man who desires to heal men will be plain and honest with them, and will not at all attempt to palliate an evil thing."

The modern reader may find these hundred-year-old sermons a bit verbose and stilted, but those who are willing to take the time will find richness and biblical insight.

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