Praise and Prayer

Praise and Pray: "It looked like any other evening in the village in Myanmar, until the district police showed up, looking for a Christian preacher named Maung. Quickly he was arrested and bound, then mercilessly beaten," reported Gospel for Asia. He was left, still bound, in front of the village chief's house overnight, and taken to jail the next morning. "The Lord spoke to me during this terrible time," said Maung later, "reminding me of His suffering on the cross for me. I decided to never stop preaching Jesus, should I survive." His church prayed for him, and many appealed on his behalf. Finally, he was released, and started to speak with an authority which he had not known before. "It is as though the Glory of God is in him, wrote the Gospel reporter. Twenty-three people have been saved, and the church meetings have to be held during the week as well as on Sunday, because the meeting rooms are too small. Bible reading and prayer for the lost have become Maung's top daily priorities.

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