Brinkley's Article Extremely Helpful

by Timothy L. Warner, Hayward, WI

Thank you for publishing a fine resource for the local churches, pastors, secretaries, and newsletter people. Your work is most appreciated, and is utilized greatly by our church and ministry.

I have been a pastor of the same church for over eighteen years. I have been receiving Pulpit Helps for nearly twenty-five years. I have read many articles and have been tremendously blessed by them over the years. I really do appreciate your diligence and kindness in publishing such a fine Christian publication. I have also received top quality care, service, and help by my telephone conversations with your staff. Your work is superb.

In November's issue, there was an article entitled: "And Your Point Was?" I want to commend Torry Brinkley for his excellent article. This was some of the best practical information that I have ever received concerning public speaking. I have spoken publicly for almost twenty-five years. I have a bachelor's, master's, and earned doctorate degree in Theology, Christian Education, and Religious Philosophy respectively. I have read and studied a lot of information, yet Mr. Brinkley's article was the most helpful information that I have ever come across, in terms of relevant material for sermon delivery.

I have taken another look at my speaking, teaching, and preaching. It seems as though I was stuck in a rut in some areas, yet when applying his theological medicine, my preaching has taken a turn to the better. In fact, I have the article pinned on my desk for quick reference in my preparation.

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