Evaluating Hymns and Christian Music

by unknown

1. Does it tell me more about God's person and His acts/words than about what God does for ME?

2. Does it tell me something about God's person, and not just about what He did?

3. Does it tell me something about the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit?

4. Do the words move through worship of the three Persons?

5. Does it center on God's persons and His acts? Is the orientation toward God?

6. Does it narrate God's acts as recorded in the Bible? Does it center on Jesus Christ?

7. For those hymns/songs which center on God's love and provision for me: Do I get the sense that I am the center of the picture? Or is the orientation toward worshiping, praising, thanking, glorifying, or fearing God?

8. For those hymns/songs which motivate us to serve God, is the motivation based on God's character, His acts, and His words? Or is it based on a feeling?

9. How are the mind, the heart, and the will balanced? Is there truth which instructs, excites, and lifts up the mind to high and lofty things of God? Does the will get challenged to submit under God? Is the heart (emotions) carried along by Scripture-instructed mind and Spirit-conquered will? Or is the heart taking the lead, with the mind/will following?

10. What kind of emotions does the hymn/song evoke? Does it encourage us to worship, praise, thank, fear, serve, bow down, love, and adore this God?

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