Gift Bibles Become Memorials: a Testimony

by Richard Jensen

On November 5th, 2000, my wife and I heard Dr. Spiros Zodiates, head of AMG, at our church (Bethany Wesleyan) in Cherryville, Pennsylvania. My wife had first heard him when she was ten years old and had heard him many times since.

Mary, my wife, was diagnosed with multiple myaloma (a cancer of the blood stem-cells). God healed her of that and she was doing good. But tumors then appeared and she had radiation treatments to treat them and they had the cancer under control.

This particular Sunday, as Dr. Zodiates was speaking, he mentioned his new NIV Bible with Hebrew and Greek translations. I looked at my wife and she looked and me and we both said our children's names: Lauri who is 34, and Rick who is 30. Both have families of their own and we thought this would be a nice Christmas present for them. My son is a youth pastor at Hilltown Baptist Church and my daughter is a professor at Florida Atlantic University.

Little did we know that God had a plan. For on that same night, she suffered several respiratory arrests and on Monday morning I could not get her to respond. At the hospital she seemed to rally a bit Monday and Tuesday, but by Wednesday she was going into a coma. On Thursday she was non-responsive, and the doctors said we should adhere to her wishes and take her off the ventilator. When we did, in less than five minutes she was in the presence of our Lord and Savior. She went so peacefully that the doctors were amazed at the way she went.

All this to say that the Bibles then became memorials of my wife, to our children. My life has been upside down since but I have the assurance of knowing where she is.

It is the loneliness that is hard to bear. We were married on March 20th, 1965, and she died November 9th, 2000. She was my helpmate all those years.

Well, I hope this encourges someone and may God bless all of you.

Richard S. Jensen

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