Hormones a Factor in Church Attendance?

Hormones may be keeping husbands away from church, a researcher suspects. Elevated testosterone levels that make men more likely to engage in risky behavior may also make them risk going to hell by shunning religion, says sociologist Rodney Stark of the University of Washington. He presented his theory to a somewhat skeptical audience at the annual convention of the Religion Research Association Oct. 21, according to Associated Baptist Press.

"Being irreligious is risky," Stark said. That may be why churches always have been filled with more women than men, not only in the United States but in every country Stark has studied, he said. A similar risk-taking phenomenon occurs in the field of criminology, Stark said, according to ABP. More men than women commit violent crimes, and some criminologists think that testosterone is linked to their short-sighted risk-taking. More women avoid risks, including taking risks on the hereafter, he said.

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