Praise and Prayer

Praise: Hana Ananda and her husband Harry were successful Christian business people in Surabaya, East Java, and members of a respected Christian church which is proud of its teaching. A beggar sat in front of the prosperous church's door, bitter about the pittance she could collect from the church members on their way to their beautiful houses and Sunday meals. Six years ago, God spoke to Hana: "Whose hand will be covered with her blood when she dies?" He seemed to ask. After some discussion, Harry agreed to invite the woman to their house. They bathed her, gave her new clothes and a clean place to sleep. A few days later, the beggar started to tell others about the friendly woman who had helped her. When their son married, the Anandas invited the city's poor (most of them Moslems) to the wedding. Five thousand came! They all received something to eat and a present. Since then, many of the beggars, including the first woman, have become Christians, and all were baptized in the Ananda's swimming pool. The Anandas are now pastors of a Christian church of 2,500 beggars, prostitutes, and garbage collectors. One of them said "Jesus is a garbage collector, because He collected me!"

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