PH Makes Impact for Christ Overseas

by Pulpit Helps

You, dear readers, may not be aware that Pulpit Helps has an influence for Christ in far-distant lands. Pulpit Helps is published in two languages (English and Telugu) in India, and in the Indonesian language in Indonesia (where it is known as Berita Mimbar). In addition, bulk shipments of Pulpit Helps go from the U.S. to the Philippines and Australia. The editors thought you might like to see what spiritual brothers in India think of PH.

"Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. I have been reading Pulpit Helps (Telugu) magazine and understanding the truth in it. We believe that your magazine is a guide to those who are spiritually weak like me. And it is very useful in God's service. Please help us in our ministry development by sending valuable God's message."

M. Yacob, preacher

Annaramt Post Village, Thunghaturthi, Nalgonda Dt.

"We thank you for sending Pulpit Helps (Telugu) magazine regularly. Though I am not paying any subscription because of my poor financial position, you are sending the magazine and I am very much happy for that. I look forward for your monthly magazine. I remember the subjects of it at my preaching pulpit. I proclaim to everybody to pray for the magazine ministry where I go. I will keep your magazine in my Bible and I will read it. Please pray for us."

Pastor P. Looka,

Mandasa W.M.E. Church

Srikakulam Dt.

"I have been reading Pulpit Helps (Telugu) magazine. It is very useful to us. I am a Sunday school teacher to the little children at a small ministry. I am using the illustratiions in your magazine as little stories and telling to the children. We wish that you will help us by publish this magazine for our spiritual growth. Please pray for us."

Your sister, G. Jerusha

Yelamanchili, Visakhapatnam Dt.

"Warm Christian greetings to you from Beed. By the grace of God we are receiving your great magazines. I am so much thankful to you. We are suggesting you please add various useful outlines of messages.

"Please pray for my church and work."

C. Sonawane

A. G. Church, Beed

"I received a copy of your Pulpit Helps, which is a personal blessing to me. Please send me it regularly. With Christian love and regard."

Dr. Abhaya Chhatria

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