Love: Defining the Indefinable

by Jessie Rice Sandberg

Love is not payment; it is a gift.

Love does not have a due date; it is eternal.

Love is not law; it is grace.

Love is not calculated; it is spontaneous.

Love is not a bookkeeper; it is a spendthrift.

Love is not cautious; it is extravagant.

Love forgets slights; it remembers favors.

Love is not a casual feeling; it is a deliberate choice.

Love does not scatter; it gathers.

Love judges by the heart as well as the head.

Love expands in the heat of pressure.

Love makes excuses for others, and takes responsibility for itself.

Love never gives up.

Love builds walls that protect, and tears down walls that separate the beloved.

Love asks not "What can you do for me?", but "What can I do for you?"

Love sees beyond today.

Love is not conscious of itself, but of the beloved.

Love collects the virtues, and discards the faults of others.

Love is the railing on a treacherous stairway; the nightlight in a dark room.

Love listens.

Love assumes the best possible motive.

Love is kindness set to music.

Love is the best medicine for a sick world.

Love is the measure of spiritual maturity.

Love is the passport that identifies a child of God with his heavenly Father.

Love makes poverty romantic, hard work a delight, and dreams, reality.

Love is the seal that marks an obedient Christian.

Love is not a penny valentine; it is a cross.

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