Listening to the Spirit in the Text

by Gordon D. Fee

In a series of twelve lectures demonstrates that the "Spirit" and the "text" are not two disparate entities. If one understands Scripture correctly, he must realize that the meaning of a text is inseparable from the Spirit who has given us the text. Further, he states that too often we place these two in baskets and examine them individually. Not so, contends Fee; one cannot rightly exegete a passage without the unction of the Holy Spirit.

The twelve lectures are loosely connected with the author's firm commitment to sound biblical exegesis. If one is to rightly understand a text, he must determine the historical, social, ethical, and religious background of the text. God's grand design of biblical revelation means that the Book can be taken as a whole. Rightly understood, the Bible does not contradict itself.

Fee masterly exegetes Scripture that deals with holiness, the Trinity and gender assignments in and outside the Church. He further explains the biblical meaning of glossolalia, homosexuality, church order and the Great Commission.

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