Distilled Pulpit Wisdom From a Veteran

by Mark R. Hogan

• Do your homework.

• Don't shoot from the hip.

• Do write out your text fully.

• Don't treat the Scripture casually.

• Do develop a preaching schedule.

• Don't tie yourself slavishly to a pre-arranged text.

• Do take advantage of current events.

• Don't become sensational.

• Do prepare a preaching outline.

• Don't be afraid of acting on the inspiration of the moment.

• Do carry an outline into the


• Don't display the outline too overtly.

• Do make eye contact with the congregation.

• Don't try to intimidate.

• Do use humor.

• Don't crack jokes.

• Do use correct grammar.

• Don't go back to correct every mistake or misspeak.

• Do read widely.

• Don't neglect the reading of the Scripture.

• Do glean from other preachers material.

• Don't copy another preacher.

• Do be yourself.

• Don't fear personal growth.

• Do speak clearly.

• Don't rush or slur your words.

• Do speak loudly enough to be heard in the last row of the auditorium.

• Don't scream.

• Do speak in vivid terms.

• Don't use flowery speech.

• Do use ample illustrative


• Don't build skyscraper sermons (one story on top of another).

• Do comfort.

• Don't compromise.

• Do confront evil.

• Don't become cynical.

• Do learn your strongest

preaching style.

• Don't fear trying something new.

• Do preach outside your own church.

• Don't abandon your own pulpit.

From: MHogan10010@aol.com

Mark Hogan writes from a background of 17 years of pulpit experience.

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