NEA Sponsors Gay-Advocacy Video

The recent satellite broadcast of a gay-advocacy video to thousands of schools across the country used "safety" as a vehicle for arguing that every school should consider forming a homosexual club and add sexual orientation to harassment policies. The broadcast was sponsored by the National Education Association.

Featured were comments such as this one from a United Church of Christ pastor: "School is not a safe place for any kid who happens to be the least bit different."

"It's a very clever tactic to use safety as a tool to push homosexuality in the schools, said Peter LaBarbera, with Americans for Truth. "They know that most people obviously don't want to speak against protecting kids." "Teachers-as well as parents-need to speak up now to say, ‘No, we do not want this teachers union being used to normalize homosexual behavior.'"

Meanwhile, a conservative legal group has filed several complaints with the IRS claiming that the NEA is not properly reporting its political activity. The complaint, filed by Landmark Legal Foundation, asks the IRS to consider revoking the National Education Association's tax-exempt status as a result of the alleged infractions.

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