What the Bible Teaches About Demon Oppression and Spiritual Warfare

by Robert Dean, Jr. and Thomas Ice

Several years ago a TV comic frequently stated, "The devil made me do it."

Of course the devil is the author of all rebellion against God, but does he have to get credit for everything? Dean and Ice take a detailed look at spiritual warfare as it relates to Satan, demons, and our sinful nature.

A few of the questions they address are: How did evil originate? Can a Christian be demon possessed? How does Satan work today? Do Christians have anything to fear from "cursed" objects? Can a Christian be cursed by a follower of Satan?

Adhering to a solid biblical foundation, the authors show that spiritual warfare stems from Satan's strategy to ruin anything that God has blessed. This strategy includes blinding those who are in unbelief and confusing those who have come to the Light. Human intellect and experience will not overcome the wiles of the devil. Solid spiritual warfare against Satan must stem from studying and following the principles found in the Word of God.

The authors caution that Christians must be wary against taking the offensive against Satan for we are too weak for that. Neither can we "bind" Satan because that will be the work of a mighty angel in the future. Nowhere in Scripture are Christians commanded to rebuke the devil. We are, however, to be aware of his devices and resist his onslaughts against our inner beings.

The careful reader will recognize the careful biblical scholarship that has gone into the research for this book. Dean and Ice will throw spiritual light on several current misconceptions about Satan, demonology and spiritual warfare.

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