Girl Scout Leadership Politically Correct

While the Boy Scouts are victimized for their stance on homosexuality, the Girl Scouts are in no such trouble. Instead, liberal national Girl Scout leadership is tying the hands of more traditional leaders, according to Christians involved in local chapters.

"From my perspective . . . I don't see any Christian beliefs coming out of the Girl Scouts," said church receptionist and Christian parent Shannon Losey. "I believe there are a lot of leaders out there trying and that are in the same position that I am, and they're just hitting walls every time they turn around," Losey said.

"The leadership of the Girl Scouts (is) very . . . liberal, especially when it comes to teaching girls about sex and letting girls know that they're victims," said Kathryn Lopez, associate editor of National Review. Her research found that the Girl Scouts' national leadership endorses leftist social activism, promiscuity, and the homosexual agenda.

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