Homosexuals Are Called to Chastity

by Michael W. Law

I strongly differ with Bryan Timby's opinion on homosexuals. First, I do agree that we must love the sinner, and hate the sin. Homosexuality is no different than lying, stealing, committing adultery-sin is sin, and is hated by God. However the statement from the Catholic Church that "They do not choose their homosexual condition..." is an attitude perpetuated by the homosexual community, and now I see it gaining more and more ground in the Christian community. Granted I might agree that someone may have a predilection towards homosexuality, but they still choose to commit the sin. Homosexuality is not like a normal physiological function such as breathing, eating, sleeping, etc. These functions we can stop, but only for a while. After a certain amount of time we will breath again, we will eat again, we will sleep again, or we will die! I do believe all men are sinners and without Christ we can only choose to sin or sin more.

Back to my earlier statement: homosexual acts, like other egregious sinful acts humans categorize (murder, adultery, etc.), are still committed by choice. Affirming the idea that homosexuality is innate is wrong. Some scientists have tried to prove this but with closer scrutiny of their research methods you will find flaws. The only innate act that a person has was passed down through generations from the First Adam, and that is sin. The Second Adam, Christ, is the only solution for sin to be eradicated. Homosexual acts are based on choice, not something innate...We are born to sin.

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