Drop That Remote

by Calvin and Lisa Wulf

"Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap" (Eccl. 11:4 NIV).

Got any plans tonight, honey?" she asks between bites. "Big game on ESPN. What about you?" he answers, passing the potatoes.

"I've got a hot date with a great movie in the den."

Their son chimes in, eyes glued to the micro TV on the dinner table, "I'm channel surfing in my room tonight."

We're hooked on the tube. With a TV in each room, everyone has a personal portal to another world. We turn it on when we get up. We fall asleep in front of it. We leave it on just for noise. Despite super-busy lives, we spend hours indulging our viewing senses. Are we addicted, or just bored with real life?

TV is sucking the spiritual life out of our relationships. Disputes over conflicting TV schedules are resolved by buying another set. Families isolate and then stop communicating. Table talk is replaced by the evening news. No wonder we feel so alone.

What does this say about our commitment to God? We have no time for prayer but hours to channel surf. While our Bibles collect dust, the TV Guide is always available. Our spiritual power is drained but there are spare batteries in the drawer for the remote.

Consider this: God has a plan for our lives. It's out there if we just look for it. But when we spend our time "watching the wind," what happens to the plan? There are consequences to our use of time-eternal consequences.

So drop that remote and surf these channels instead: Go on a TV fast. Can you give it up for a week? Rearrange your furniture-allow a TV in just one room. Try reading your Bible-it uses less electricity.

Can you hear God's voice over the white noise? Try silence in the presence of Christ. It will deepen your relationship with Him. You'll also reconnect with your family by reviving mealtime chitchat. So use your remote wisely: click God onto your spiritual screen.

© 2001 Calvin R. Wulf and Lisa Aré Wulf

Lighten the Load is distributed by Joshua Faith Ministries, www.lighten-the-load.org or info@lighten-the-load.org.

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