A Bend in the Road

by David Jeremiah

In 1995 David Jeremiah, a noted pastor in Southern California, was diagnosed with a life-threatening cancer. Everything seemed to be going so well. The church was thriving, David was sought after nation-wide as a visiting speaker and he was happily married. Then it happened; David met his bend in the road.

This book recounts David Jeremiah's adventure with illness. I say adventure because his dreaded cancer brought him face to face with God's larger plan for his life. In fact, the writer skims over many of the dreaded details of his sickness. Rather, he spends over three-fourths of the book expounding Scripture that speaks to our need when we meet our bend in the road. He exhorts us to trust completely in the goodness of God during our times of trouble.

David's psalms are especially helpful in meeting trouble, disappointment, and sickness. David was often in distress. King Saul unjustly pursued David and sought to take his life. David faced depression and trials when his children rebelled against him. David had to learn to "give thanks to the Lord, for He is good for His mercy endures forever" (Ps. 107:1).

The essence of this book seems to be:

1) Every believer will at some time come to his own bend in the road; 2) No bend in the road ever catches God by surprise; in fact God may be the originator of that bend in the road; 3) God wants to bless and teach us a lesson through the difficulties that come into our life; 4) God's plans and purposes may not be clear to us until we meet Him in heaven.

Peter Marshall, late chaplain of the United States Senate, once prayed: "At times when we feel forsaken, may we know the presence of the Holy Spirit who brings comfort to all human hearts when we are willing to surrender ourselves. May we be convinced that even before we reach up to Thee, Thou art reaching down to us." David Jeremiah truly experienced that promise during his illness.

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