Controlling the Controllers

by Pastor Bill, Praise Chapel Community Chu

Very good article in the April issue on division (see April editorial: "A Church Divided Cannot Stand").

We are currently going through what you are talking about. I'm the pastor and we have a faction of people who want control; however, our Board is very stable. We work closely together and this, I believe, frustrates the faction.

The way we handle this is with prayer first. A lot of prayer. We keep our ears open and we ask God to show us what to do and when. This is God's church and if a little group of people who are not content can destroy it we're in big trouble.

I believe that the foundation is Jesus; then He places leaders in their respective positions (pastor, deacons, etc.); these become the secondary foundation. I like to use the saying, "As the leadership goes, so goes the church." If the leadership is divided, arguing, confused,

so will the church be. But a strong leadership, following Jesus, settles the church. There will still be little power struggles, but I find if the leadership communicates and keeps their eyes on God, the factions have no foothold. The book of James states to "Submit yourselves to God, resist the Devil, and he will flee from you." NIV

There may be times in which we must confront divisive people, but I have seen God deal with these people in ways that take care of the problem and it doesn't divide the church. Leadership is not for constantly putting out fires-if the fires grab our focus, we have taken our eyes off of Jesus.

I really like your magazine and each article is very helpful. I especially like the Creation vs. Evolution articles.

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