Communion With God

by Jan Silvious

Communion implies closeness, communication, sharing, exchange, intimacy, friendship. It's the kind of mystical union that binds two hearts together so that before a word is spoken, there is understanding.

Jesus invites us to commune with Him, just the two of us. This poem by P. M. Snider sets the scene:

Quietly I enter the closet

Quietly I close the door.

Outside are the futilities,

The doubts and useless struggles;

Forgotten are the little things

That too long have shackled my mind

And held me prisoner.

Now unhurried and free

I contemplate Jesus,

His mercy and His love.

Patiently I wait.

Lo, out of the shadows

Comes His presence.

Silently we visit,

From His wounded hand

I receive His balm

And His comfort.

I rest.

The door to the world is opened!

Eagerly I pass,

No longer futile,

Nor fearful,

Nor yet along.

No longer I,

But, WE!

And from the Psalms: "I waited patiently for the Lord; He turned to me and heard my cry" (40:1).

When was the last time you "waited for the Lord" and heard from Him? Maybe you're thinking, "That's okay for you, but I hold down a full-time job, and when I get home, there is a house full of kids and work to do." I understand. So does He.

Even in the midst of busyness, however, we can learn how to find islands of quiet time. Try praying in the shower-not just the "give me, I need" prayers, but "Lord, I love You and I want to commit this day to You." Cut off the radio or tape player in the car and make your drive to work or to pick up the kids a time of communion. Combine your exercise time-an aerobic workout or a walk around the block-with praise and prayer.

Don't try to program the moment. Instead, just slip quietly into His presence whenever you have an opportunity. You will come away refreshed and ready once more to meet the challenges of your busy life.

From the 5-Minute Devotional

©Zondervan 1991

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