Seeing the Unseen (Revised and Updated)

by Joe Beam

Western society espouses two divergent views on Satan and demons. On one hand many believe that Satan and demons are merely vestiges of ancient superstitions. On the other hand those who hold to the authority of Scripture believe that Satan and demons both exist. From the latter group, however, too many Bible-believing Christians do not adequately understand the working and power of a personal being called Satan. That, according to Joe Beam, constitutes a serious mistake.

Satan is a fallen angel, much more powerful than any human. He is not omniscient or omnipotent, but he possesses wisdom and power that should startle any believer. Satan controls a host of fallen angels and demons. Satan's angels travel the world at the bidding of their master, causing discord and confusion among important and not-so-important leaders.

Demons have a similar function. The may inhabit the unsaved, singly or by thousands. Demons may control, but not inhabit, carnal and disobedient Christians. Sometimes their indwelling can be mistaken for mental illness. However, one should be very careful when deciding between mental illness and demon possession.

The majority of conservative Bible scholars believe that demons are fallen angels. Beam, however, strongly believes that demons are the spirits of the unsaved. You may not agree with the author on this point, but you will want to carefully read his arguments in chapter 8. Beam also discusses the role of Satan and demons in pain, suffering, persecution and death.

Does every believer have a "guardian angel"? No, according to the author, the number of "good" angels is limited. These angels go from one assignment to another to help believers who are under attack by the forces of evil. Even if you don't agree with that position, you should carefully read the author's argument.

The closing chapters of the book discuss the resources-faith, prayer, and the Holy Spirit-that believers have to meet the onslaught of demons. Beam's arguments are logical and biblically oriented.

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