No One Knows Us Better Than These

by Joe McKeever

This is what happened. Last November, on my morning radio call-in program, I announced that "I'm looking for a Christian Toyota dealer or new car salesman." I said "I'm planning to buy a new Camry, and, to tell you the truth, I dread the process of having to deal with the average salesman-all the games they play and the run-around they give you." I asked "Does anyone know a Christian-I mean a real Christian-selling Toyotas?" When I arrived at the office that morning, my secretary handed me the name and phone number of the only response to my plea. I called the man and went to see him. And, a few days ago, I bought a new Toyota Camry from him.

As we were signing the papers, he said to me, "Do you know how you got my name? I didn't hear you on the radio, but a woman who used to work with me was listening, and when you said you wanted a salesman who was a Christian, she phoned me and said, Terry, they're asking for you.'" I said, "Wow-that's even better. It's one thing for someone who bought a car from you to think you're a good man, but here's a lady who worked with you for years, and she still thinks of you as a godly man. That has to be the ultimate recommendation!"

Later, it set me to thinking about the people nearest to me and what they think of my Christianity. I've decided there are three groups who are the authorities on the subject of whether Joe McKeever is a Christian. You can ask any of them and take the answer to the bank. The first is my wife. No one knows me better than she. The second group is my children. Believe me, my children-and your children-know us as we really are. And the third group is my co-workers. If they do not believe in me, that I'm for real, then my religion is worthless.

We have a woman in our church who sells real estate. I understand that from time to time the company she sells for will get a phone call from someone who says, "I want to deal with a Christian. Do you have a Christian on your staff?" The person taking the call buzzes my friend and says, "Pat, it's for you." What a testimonial.

Someone asked a man if such-and-such was a Christian. He said, "I don't know. I haven't talked to his wife."

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